Cloud Technology 

Technology that makes the work quick and easy, reduce costs, reduce the installation and operation steps. It suits for both small, medium and large businesses which can be adjusted as appropriate flexible work and high safety

High flexibility – It can be scaled according to use without having to install additional hardware.

High Availability
Stable as it is always backed up and monitored. And ready to move immediately if there is a problem.

Valuable Cost
Lower cost – All systems will be supervised by the service provider. The Result is there is no cost for managing devices.

Why is it so popular ?

Cloud Computing is a service for renting a computer system or computer resources of service providers To be used in work without having to invest in hardware and software itself. To reduce the responsibility of the system administration, users can access various information systems via the Internet to manage system resources. Through the network and there is a shared resource sharing and pay to rent the system. It can pay according to our needs, how much use it can only pay anyday the demand grows, additional purchases can be made to enhance Cloud Computing without upgrading and computer.