It is the software that helps every company can manage all business including purchasing, human resources finance and projects. Due to this solution is compatible with many businesses. Our solutions combine the data for giving you insights that where you can get the performance, reduce costs, or make additional investments and this is our solutions to support you as below.


To cover the sales process, from recording quotation, sales order, deposit receipt, sales tax invoice, live sales credit to debtor reduction. To cut off the balance of products in the warehouse immediately.


To control order by approval before purchasing In order expense management systematic and accurately also add the products in the warehouse automatically.


Link to add – cut stock. From automatic purchasing and sales systems, you can check and count the product, and also adjust the amount to match the actual products.

Cheque and bank

Cheque Management – Cheque Received and Cheque Payment system. You can update your cheque status anytime and easily to manage your bank account, whether you save deposits or withdraws to keep account information.


To control petty cash in order to reserve money for certain expenses by movement of petty cash will be recorded automatically.


Asset Management service in company, to organize the available assets system and calculate depreciation for every asset.


Save the bill – To send an invoice to customers on time, receive and make payments system, manage daily account information and calculate input tax and sales tax automatically.