You can plan a work-item for the prize to exchange for the cap. The equipment for salespeople for daily customers, show the order of customers visit, Customer’s information connects with navigation system, facilitating systems for male employees to work easier, chieve accuracy, transparency, and reduce invoicing errors. It can also track all activities of the salesperson in Realtime.

Price & Promotion

It is able to set product prices and promotions according to customer type, area, period for flexibility in price control and promotion.

Redemption / Instant Win

Manage lid exchange management. It can be exchanged for product or cash back along with the calculation of commission for the shop.


Work plan Unlimited plans for work, meetings and holidays for the sale in advance.

Work Behavior

It is able to set the sequence of steps to work for employees. For salespeople to follow basic call procedure (BCP).

Inventory Control

It can display the inventory quantity, control entry and exit of goods and record the history of items in and out.

POP / Display Control

It is able to manage media and billboards, tell the media consumption in each place along with GPS location and media installation.

Return/Exchange Damage Goods

Salesperson can collect damaged or expired goods back to the office with records in the system and the company can analyze further and take corrective action.


It is able to record details of trial product distribution at every step along with recording the location with GPS to locate the distribution of products.