We have designed and developed the system which have a device such as a secretary for the job. Merchandising whether it is showing daily work plan that connected Google Maps to navigate to the point of work, lists the correct Basic Call Procedures for work, reduce mistakes and reduce working time. It is able to save POP receipts and POP lists, making it easy to count the remaining POPs. There is a daily work summary report to show the performance of the team.

Target on Map

Display of shop location or outdoor POP mount,. It can be used in conjunction with Googler Map for easy navigation for the stores. It can remember the sequence of previous trips to suggest the next trip.

Check In/Out

Check In and Check Out to specify time and place used for trip time control. In addition, it can calculate the time to do various activities. And can be used to improve working behavior for efficiency.

Inventory on Van

There is an onboard warehouse management system to control the access of the equipment that you need to work. The system also remembers the list of devices that have been installed during operation in order to control the correct quantity of products at all times.


Supervisor can monitor the work of the Merchandiser team, the system will notify the team’s current status, whether it is the current work point. List of devices used in the installation all day in Realtime.

Performance Report

It is a report that will summarize the team’s daily performance by showing the workflow done. Tell time in and out, Time spent traveling at each point, Time spent working at each point and Used equipment.