C-Logistic can plan and set the schedule to delivery the product. To increase the effectiveness, vehicle capacity and allocate that suitable for delivery workers, track all shipments from an easy-to-use dashboard, predict all ETAs. To set accurate service times for each delivery and check and evaluate to deliver the electronic.

Best Route Planning & Optimization

Plan and increase efficiency all delivery routes that consider traffic and weather in real-time to increase efficiency in logistics management.

Point of Sale & Invoicing Management

Ensure accuracy, visibility, and transparency in all point-of-sale interactions with real-time recommendation and invoice without mistakes.

Advance Automated Capacity Planning

To increase efficiency resource capacity and automate resource allocation for increasing overall resource utilization, decrease turnaround time, and decrease costs.

GPS Enabled Attendance Management

All vehicles followed by GPS for accurate and analytics in real time.

Multiple Platforms Integration Available

Integrate with multiple enterprise platforms such as SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and legacy system to ensure seamless logistics optimization.

Complete Logistics Process Automation

To learn the workflow automatically such as planning, following, validating and analytics to create the logistics system management that agile and respond.