It is a solution which facilitates to Agents, Whoresales and Sub Whoresales. To order from C-Agent manufacturers and provides a tool for merchandising that comes with a discount systems and promotions. In addition, it is able to give special discounts for specific customers. There is a membership system to manage points accumulation and redeeming points for special activities. There are various records such as purchase history, discount history, and payment history, etc.

Shop on Mobile

Customers can choose to buy the products via Mobile Application. The system will make discounts and promotions automatically in every order. You can also check the points or make a transaction to redeem rewards.

Advance Promotion

You can give discounts or premium to your customers. Both discounts and premium can be checked by the product quantity, total amount of money, the total amount from each order immediately and set in advance.

Target Controller

You can set the target customers in each month. The customers can follow up and view their own purchases via Mobile Application and can bring accumulated orders as a condition for receiving discounts and promotions.ๆ

Reordering Point

You can set the system to notice you when the quantity of products are lower than before. So, you will know that which products you will order.

Deposit Warehouse

Customers can choose whether they want to deposit their products with the supplier or deliver the products immediately. This condition can be used as a part of the discount and promotion.

Beer Keg Tracking

There is a tracking system for draft beer equipment. To help and remember details and inform the status of the device. To be used to track where the device is Including handling the deposit for various equipment.